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We have always been passionate about and dedicated to our work with just one solid principle in mind: every customer is different with different needs, dreams and projects. We love to listen to your wishes so we can offer a bespoke solution tailor-made just for you.
When we welcome our customers in the showroom, we immediately begin to try and understand their needs, expectations and wishes. We propose and show them materials, furnishing solutions, colours, finishes, complete furnishing projects which can make all the difference in fulfilling a customer’s expectations.
We have a materials area to help our customers choose and coordinate all the objects in the home. This space makes our project design all the more exciting and enables us to supply all the materials and services required to completely renovate your home.


We have wide horizons. The Borgonovo Arredamenti team offers Italian design all across Europe. The quality of our interior architectural design services enables us to dialogue with numerous international customers. We guarantee they all receive the same care and attention and the same services as our local customers.
The Swiss market is one which is currently proving very successful. We are regular furniture suppliers in the Ticino Canton with numerous installations around Lugano and Mendrisio. However, an increasing number of customers are contacting us to supply furniture throughout Switzerland.
We have also expanded our furniture supply in the United Kingdom with our UK-based collaborator, who is available to assist our customers. To facilitate our export operations outside the EEC, we have been awarded authorised exporter status and we are listed among the REX registered operators.


Because we have been working passionately for many years.
We are experts at making bespoke, tailor-made furniture and furnishings that fit in perfectly with the architecture of the house.

Moreover, we offer a state-of-the-art installation and assembly service by true carpenters, specialised technicians who regularly attend specialisation courses run by our partner brands. This way we can guarantee the best possible service.

Our large showroom is well looked after with a space for the children too. This means you can select every furnishing accessory without any worries.


Our company boasts almost a century of artisan craftwork: we have been furnishing professionals since 1930.


Our work method is the sum of original, innovative ideas and the ability to listen to our customers and fulfil their every need.


Our work includes assembly and installation, but that's certainly not all.


The market has undergone a transformation in recent years: an ever increasing number of our customers want a single contact person when they decide to renovate the rooms in their homes.

This is why we have focused on a “turn-key” furnishing service, which includes all the interventions on interior load-bearing or stud walls, and the water and electrical systems to complete the project.

This service has been made possible by our collaboration with expert, local craftsmen, who are able to make any modifications to the project under our direct guidance.

We are able to provide the service in the price of the furnishings purchased, without bumping up the costs.

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Borgonovo 1930 offers a series of dedicated services for all professionals.

In fact, we are happy to offer an all-round service for all the architects, who choose us. We offer effective support in the project design phase and effective advice to help provide technical solutions.

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Borgonovo 1930 and its staff do not merely supply objects or accessories. We also have readily available expert, efficient consultants to help resolve all the problems linked to the furnishing world.

Our consultants will accompany you along the path to create your new home with one objective in mind: to hand over surroundings that will move you and improve the quality of your daily life at home.


Owner and coordinator

“I coordinate all the company’s activities, the choice of new products and the technical aspects of the projects we offer. I want our company to improve our customers’ life and give them their perfect home. I adore cooking and I spend my leisure time between my passion for running and other sports, such as mountain biking, skiing and swimming. I also divide my recreational spare time at the theatre and art exhibitions.”


Project design and sales

“I’m in charge of customer reception, I’m passionate about and dedicated to designing their rooms and follow all the decisions which have the greatest impact on the company. My dream is to help everyone to create their ideal home.
Outside work, I ride my mountain bike, I read and I love music.”


Project design and sales

“I’m in charge of project design and sales. My objective is to create the right feeling with the customer ,so I can furnish his or her home to the very best of my ability by taking note of every individual experience or need. I’m convinced our homes mirror our souls and our innermost secrets.
Outside working hours I spend most of my time doing voluntary work and mountain hikes.


Project Design

“How can I describe my job? It’s not just filling spaces with furnishings. Each component has to blend in with its surroundings. I like to take care of the tiny details, the choice of finishes and the objects I include.
In my opinion, attention to detail is what brings out the personality of a furnishing. I spend most of my leisure time on travel, art galleries and photography.


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